Thermafuse Smooth Balance Condition


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Provide clients receiving Amino Fusion® Smoothing Treatment with the best post-service maintenance regimen to ensure lasting smooth effect.



Function: Highly nutritive formula fortifies hair with essential amino acids to add strength, shine, and lasting frizz control. Smoothes and seals the cuticle to provide easy combing and reduce mechanical friction. HeatSmart Complex® and Cuticle Fusion Complex® protect and repair with amazing results and no build-up. pH – 4.5

Fragrance: A light blend of Blue Agave & Citrus with a hint of Vanilla.

Key Ingredients:

  • Cuticle Fusion Complex – A combination of certified organic extracts chosen for their ability to thrive in heat, and revolutionary polymers.
  • Blue Lotus Flower (Extract) – Provides anti-oxidant properties and replenishes moisture in hair.
  • Blue Agave Nectar (Extract) – The nectar helps to retain moisture while adding softness.
  • Cactus Flower (Extract) – Has heat and dehydration resistant properties.
  • Olive Oil Fruit – Naturally rich in fatty acids it moisturizes, conditions to ensure softness, silkiness, and shine. Also provides excellent heat protection.
  1. Determine conditioner amount based on length and density.
  2. Place product in hands and apply from roots to ends.
  3. To maximize volume apply from midshaft to ends and avoid root area.
  4. Comb through if desired to detangle.
  5. Let sit for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  6. Rinse thoroughly in warm or cool water.

Smooth Balance regimen is compatible with
all smoothing treatment systems.


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