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Slide your hands into the dpl® Flex Mitt, an FDA-cleared, medical-grade light therapy device. Find fast relief from Arthritis, nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress, injury, and aches in the hands.



Relief from Hand, Wrist, & Joint Pain & Stiffness
The dpl® Flex Mitt for Arthritis relaxes muscles and improves circulation and gives pain relief and healing for Arthritis pain/stiffness, nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress Injury, and aches in the hands. Our medical-grade infrared lights reach deep, but are safe and natural, and built to last. Feel better in just 20 minutes!

• Medical-grade LED lights reach deep into joints and soft tissue
• Relieves pain and stiffness
• Increases blood circulation
• Accelerates healing, repairs tissue, and relaxes muscles
• Enhances recovery from exercise or injury
• Safe for all skin types


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