Blow Pro The Perfect Shower Cap


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The one shower cap that really does do its job – perfectly.

Leave drugstore and hotel shower caps that let in steam and frizz up hair right where you found them. The perfect shower cap has been designed to protect your blowout however long you spend in the shower. The 100% Terry lining locks out moisture while its super secure elastic edging protects your hairline – the most important part of your blowout.



Seal out moisture and protect your blowout against damaging humidity that can cramp your style. Blowpro’s the perfect shower cap is oversized to fit all hair types and boasts 360˚ sealed protection. The super secure band locks out steam and moisture, protecting your hairline. Cotton terry lining adds an extra line of defense. 

  • Use alongside faux dry dry shampoo to prolong your style for days.
  • The perfect shower cap is machine washable. Remember to keep the terrycloth on the outside and wash on a delicates cycle.
  • Don’t machine dry – air dry in a humidity-free room.

For best results, gather hair on top of head, twist and clip into place. Open the perfect shower cap with both hands and position it flush to your forehead before pulling the back to the nape of your neck. Take care to store the perfect shower cap inside out after each use.


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